Our promises to youWe Promise

This document describes our commitment to you.


BY Uffizzi Team / ON Jun 25, 2020

Our promises to you:

  • We are committed to operating the world’s most user friendly cloud - every detail of your experience matters to us.
  • If you have a request or a requirement, we want to hear it
  • You are the creator, we are the enabler. You created your code. We didn’t. You own it.
  • Your data is yours, not ours
  • You’re not locked in to our platform - we built it that way on purpose - we hope you stay but you’re free to go at any time
  • We will always encourage our users to implement best practices - if we know it, we’ll share it. Uffizzi is purpose designed with best DevOps practices built-in to support your development journey from start to finish.
  • We will do everything within our power to achieve 100% uptime
  • We will never achieve 100% uptime and when we don’t, we’ll let you know and explain how we’ll improve.

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