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Application Management & Continuous Deployments for Your Clusters

Uffizzi installs on any CNCF-certified Kubernetes cluster to give developers at your organization the same user-experience as popular app platforms—without the limitations.

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Develop your features locally, then push commits to your team’s remote repositories.
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Deploy a preview of every commit.

Uffizzi automatically detects and builds your application from source. It then deploys your application to the cluster and generates a custom subdomain where your preview is available.
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Combine Uffizzi with your existing CI solution to enable continuous deployments to staging. Uffizzi configures webhooks on your container registry to watch for updates.
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Promote the staging image to production when your team is satisfied with the changes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A "mind-blowing experience". Deploy new commits and preview them instantly at a live https url. Uffizzi brings your whole team - Developers, Sysadmins, and Product managers - together to optimize the Develop - Preview - Stage - Promote cycle. We enable your team to deploy early and often by using automation to replace a series of inefficient manual steps and processes. With Uffizzi your Dev team can remain in a Git-focused workflow and avoid costly context switching between Dev and Ops. Our platform saves an average of 1.5 hours per week for each Developer on your team. For a Dev team of 5 that's 7.5hrs per week or 33.75 hrs per month. This is saved time and resources that give your organization a competitive advantage.

Most Kubernetes management software tools are infrastructure-focused. Uffizzi is a Developer First tool focused on Application Management. It is designed to solve both the technical challenges and process challenges of developing and managing applications. Uffizzi enables any member of your Dev team to remain in a Git focused workflow (branches & commits) while rapidly deploying what they're working on - all without needing expertise in K8s concepts and yaml files that can reach 1000+ lines. Uffizzi also solves the process problem of developing on a team. Our platform is purpose designed to increase the tempo of your Develop - Preview - Stage - Promote cycle.

Uffizzi overlays onto any CNCF certified K8s cluster. This can be a cluster provided by any of the major cloud providers i.e. EKS, AKS, GKE and others or it can be your on-premise cluster. Installation can be conducted by any engineer on your team with K8s expertise. The major step is installing the Uffizzi Controller onto your cluster. We recommend that your organization's Sysadmin or DevOps expert conduct the installation and set-up. The other key step is for your Sysadmin to connect existing cloud resources i.e. managed Redis, Databases, Object store etc. to Uffizzi. Once fully set up every engineer on your Dev team will be able to take advantage of rapid deployments for previewing commit changes.

Uffizzi is a 10x better way for cross-functional teams to visualize, control, and automate infrastructure and deployments. We provide the UX, you bring your favorite tools, K8s cluster, and CI systems. Uffizzi offers sensible defaults for the most popular use cases but is infinitely extensible to meet your unique needs.

Our platform saves an average of 1.5 hours per week for each Developer on your team. For a Dev team of 5 that's 7.5hrs per week or 33.75 hrs per month. In monetary terms if conservatively your Development time is worth $60/hour the savings would be ~$2000/mo. (33.75hrs x $60/hr) or $24k/year.

Yes. Uffizzi can integrate with your existing CI solution. The platform can integrate with your container registry to pull newly released images at the completion of your CI pipeline. Continuous Deployment can be enabled from Uffizzi.

Every developer on your team is empowered to easily deploy and preview the feature they are working on. This makes for rapid iteration that increases the development velocity of your organization. Developers also get the benefit of staying in a Git focused workflow - they can deploy directly from Git and never have to context switch over to a DevOps or Ops context - no Dockerfiles, K8s concepts, or 1000 line yaml deployments.

These positions and skillsets are in high demand and many organizations have to make do with one or a limited number of engineers that can fill this role. This often becomes a bottleneck for an organization, particularly when it is under resourced. Using Uffizzi eliminates the bottleneck by providing self-service capabilities for your Developers. It also enables your DevOps team to focus on more challenging upgrades to your infrastructure that ultimately lead to greater efficiencies and performance for your applications.

Product managers can easily view and provide feedback on multiple applications at different stages in the development pipeline. They are empowered with a clear picture of the Development workflow and can easily track the status of numerous applications simultaneously. They can readily set priorities and update HQ on product progress.

Uffizzi is an application management and continuous deployment platform for your existing Kubernetes clusters. Designed to provide developers the same user-experience as popular app platforms, Uffizzi empowers development teams to do their best work by eliminating barriers that impede development velocity.

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